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Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers. The two main topic included in this release are a full rework of Naxxramas boss encounters by cala along with a switch to the Creature Level Stats system by ratkosrb and cala for health and mana.

We would like to thank all the contributors for their reports, fixes and tests, especially amongst them: AnonXS, cyberium, Grz3s, killerwife, Killyana, MantisLord, NeatElves, ratkosrb, Saltgurka, Tobschinski, Warlockbugs As always, very special thanks to the other CMaNGOS teams as this release would not have been possible without their great and heavy contributions.

Classic DB is a cross databases project and many of the updates are possible thanks to the great work of our fellow developers from other projects, with a special thank to AnonXS, Grz3s, killerwife, MantisLord and Saltgurka who increased the synergies between our DB projects.

Two main topics are included in this release : rework of Love is in the Air event by Zingzah and many fixes in the Scepter of the Shifting Sands epic quest line Ahn'Qiraj Gates opening by cala. There are also dozen of fixes for quests, NPCs, scripts, dungeons and raids. The main topic of this release are a rework of Blackwing Lair raid dungeon, a cleanup of Onyxia's Lair dungeon by Tobschinski and cala along with a rework of Zul'Gurub raid dungeon by Phatcat and oppahansi.

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We would like to thank all the contributors for their reports, fixes and tests, especially amongst them: bdedaere, Grz3s, killerwife, MantisLord, Muehe, RichardGe, Saltgurka Classic DB is a cross databases project and many of the updates are possible thanks to the great work of our fellow developers from other projects, with a special thank to Grz3s and killerwife who increased the synergies between our DB projects.

The main topic of this release are is a rework of Molten Core raid dungeon by Tobschinski and cala. The main topics of this release are a major rework of Lower Blackrock Spire dungeon by Tobschinski and cala. There is also a full rework of the Hallow's End Festival by Zingzah with a fully working Wickerman Festival along with all related spawns and quests rework. As always, very special thanks to the ScriptDev2, tbc-db and the wotlk-db teams as this release would not have been possible without their great and heavy contributions.

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Releases Tags. Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag. Snapshot v1. Assets 3. Source code zip. Source code tar. Latest release. Into the Frozen Heart of Naxxramas.

Classic DB release version 1. As usual, many gossips, quests, items, NPCs, scripts events, dungeons and raids were also fixed. Assets 2. The Shifting Sands. Echoes of War.

The Black Dragonflight. As usual, many gossips, quests, items, NPCs, events, dungeons and raids were also fixed.Forgot your password? Onyxia's Lair has one of the longest attunement quests in Classic, with two separate questlines for the two factions.

This page contains the Horde attunement questline, but if you play Alliance, you can take a look at our Alliance attunement guide for Onyxia's Lair. In order to enter Onyxia's Lair, players will need to have a Drakefire Amuletwhich is obtained through a faction-specific attunement quest chain. The quest chain for the Horde is split into groups of quests and we have outlined the full progression of quests below. To start the quest chain, you will need to be at least Level 55, but you must be Level 56 to finish it.

To start the attunement quest chain, you will need to head to Warlord Goretoothwho can be found in one of the towers in Kargath, in the Badlands. Go through his dialogue and, after finishing it, click on the Warlord Goretooth's Command in your inventory to start the first quest, Warlord's Command.

WoW Classic World Buffs Guide

These 3 can be found in Lower Blackrock Spire and, after killing them, make sure to check the surrounding area for any documents laying on the ground.

The Important Blackrock Documents can be found on the ground behind one of them at random. Once you have completed this task, return to Goretooth in the Badlands and accept the second quest, Eitrigg's Wisdom. This will send you to Orgrimmar, where you need to speak to Eitrigg and then hand the quest in to Thrallwho will give you the final quest of this section, For The Horde!

Return to Thrall with the head and you will have completed the first part of the attunement. The second section of the attunement starts where the previous section left off, with Thrall. Speak to him and accept What the Wind Carries ; the only objective is to speak to Thrall and listen to what he has to say. Once he is finished, he will give you The Champion of the Hordewhich will send you to the Desolace area to find Rexxar. Rexxar patrols the main road of the zone, so simply follow it until you find him.

Once you do, you can hand in the quest and accept the next part, The Testament of Rexxarwhich tasks you with delivering Rexxar's Testament to Myranda the Hag in the Western Plaguelands.

onyxia classic db

She can be found near Uther's Tomb in Sorrow Hill. Myranda will give you the next quest, Oculus Illusionswhich requires you to head to Upper Blackrock Spire and collect 20 Black Dragonspawn Eye from the dragon mobs that inhabit the dungeon.

Head back to Myranda to receive the final quest in this section, Emberstrife. Use the Amulet of Draconic Subversion that was given to you by Myranda and then speak to Emberstrife to hand in the quest.

The three quests in this section can be completed in any order, with each one requiring you to kill a dragon and loot their skulls.

Note that all of these dragons are at least Level 60 elites, so you will likely need a group to kill them. The final section of the attunement questline ends with a chain leading to the defeat of General Drakkisath. Axtroz can be found in the east of the Wetlands area, patrolling the path that leads to Grim Batol.

Kill him and collect his skull before returning to Emberstrife, who will give you the next quest in the section, AscensionIt's still work in progress.

It's dungeon support is preliminary but should be somewhat functional now. Go to Page Addon Info. Change Log Other Files 51 Comments Add Favorite. Compatibility: Classic Patch 1. Deadly Boss Mods Core 1. Instead of being a near useless CD timer, it's now a buff active timer that shows duration of frenzy that will auto cancel when successfully dispelled.

Closes Update localization. Optional Files 0. File Name. Deadly Boss Mods - Classic. Can i somehow let me show DBM when it was actually casted? Thank you A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker. I can fix the error, but in meantime, you can easily avoid it yourself by fixing your settings to not have a voice pack that's not installed be selected.

Originally Posted by DrOetcker. Heyho, MysticalOS one short questinon. Do you plan to support the RaidLeader Plugin in 1.

Yeah that should be fixed in the approved alpha 4 version, download new one. Error in Stocakdes.

onyxia classic db

Originally Posted by Passed. I tried deadmines, with the new version from today. Every boss basically gave a Lua as soon as we pulled. Originally Posted by MysticalOS.

I will be adding more dungeon mods tomorrow. Sorting Sort comments by Newest Sort comments by Oldest. Report this File.Category: Raid Guides. This guide covers world buffs in WoW Classic and how to get them. It was original written by Cruzix on the Crestfall Gaming forums which is no longer available. World buffs are very powerful buffs which you can gather in several zones of Azeroth.

You do not need these buffs to be able to beat any of the content in vanilla by any means but it will strengthen your raid immensely. One last thing. When Head of Onyxia or Head of Nefarian is turned in, the players located in or nearby Orgrimmar or Stormwind are buffed with this buff. To cleanse a Corrupted Songflower you first have to complete the quest Cleansing Felwood which then unlocks a few new quests.

Some of these quests will only be available depending on which profession you have, however there is also a quest for those with no profession Salve via HuntingSalve via MiningSalve via GatheringSalve via Skinning and Salve via Disenchanting. Once a Corrupted Songflower has been cleansed, it will stay cleansed for the next 2 hours however the plant can only be looted once every 25 minutes.

Mind Control a Scarshield Spellbinder either by the Priest spell or the Engineering devicefound in Blackrock Spire and use his abilities to buff you and your raid members.

Sometimes the tooltip will say differing amounts of Fire Resistance, but the buff always provides 83 resistance. To get these buffs you will have to clear a full DM Tribute run and talk to the remaining bosses. The DM Tribute run is a way to improve the gear dropped from Dire Maul north as well as getting some powerful world buffs.

The goal is therefore to kill the king without killing any other bosses.

These buffs will only be available when Darkmoon Faire opens which happens once every month. You can participate in the Darkmoon Faire regardless of what faction you are and where it spawns. You can only receive a new buff after at least two hours and if your buff has run out.

Take control of the northpass tower in Eastern Plaguelands and click the Lordaeron Shrine which appears outside the door. To pick up Silithyst, locate a geyser and pick it up. The geyser will despawn, and the player will be carrying the Silithyst.

The other way of getting Silithyst is locating a player of the opposing faction carrying some. Posted by Furious Category: Raid Guides. Notes: Sometimes the tooltip will say differing amounts of Fire Resistance, but the buff always provides 83 resistance.

onyxia classic db

This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. You are going to send email to. Move Comment.Forgot your password? Onyxia is the only boss in Onyxia's Lair and is the source for the Tier 2 helms of all classes. You can find out how to become attuned to Onyxia's Lair in our attunement guides for both Alliance and Horde players. All players are advised to bring Fire Resistance gear and potions if your raid is struggling to get through Phase 2.

Alternatively, you can gear for additional damage during that phase or bring more ranged DPS. This phase is one of the easiest, as it essentially takes on the form of a "typical" dragon fight. Her Flame Breath and Tail Sweepas with most dragon bosses, will force your raid to position themselves on Onyxia's sides.

To make this easier, your tank should pull Onyxia and immediately take her to the back wall so that she faces the wall and her tail is facing the entrance. Once she is in position, your raid should stack on one side of her, ensuring that they are not clipping her tail hitbox.

If anyone gets hit by Tail Sweepthey will most likely be thrown into the whelp eggs that surround the room, causing a number of adds to spawn. Once your tank has adequate aggro, you can start to DPS the boss. It is extremely important to note that Onyxia cannot be taunted.

This means you must let your tank get adequate aggro or you will pull aggro shortly after. It is strongly advised that you use an aggro meter to ensure that you do not accidentally get caught out by this sudden drop in aggro.

The melee players will no longer be able to hit Onyxia outside of ranged attacks, so they are much better suited to dealing with the ground adds. You should save your cooldown for this phase as a ranged DPS so that you can get through it as soon as possible. Depending on the number of melee in your group, you may have to assign some ranged DPS to help with the adds if you do not have enough melee players.

You should have at least 1 group for each side of the room to deal with the whelps that come, with each group having a dedicated healer.

While the adds are spawning, your whole raid will need to be aware of what Onyxia is doing in the air. She will fly across the room and deal a massive amount of damage with her Breath ability.Note : This quest chain was removed from the game with patch 3.

You need to wear the Drakefire Amulet or have it in your backpack, be in a raid and be at least level 50 to enter. Return to Warlord Goretooth in Kargath to complete the quest. You are to find Eitrigg in Orgrimmar. The coords are 34; He will not be marked on the mini map, so just look around at the NPCs. Speak to him and he will send you to Thrall, who is just a few yards away in the same building. Get his head and return it to Thrall for a nice trinket.

All you have to do is ask him some questions. Complete the quest. Go to UBRS and kill dragons and collect their eyes. Return to Myranda the Hag when you have 20 eyes. Just go to Dustwallow Marsh and find the southernmost cave located at 54; Wear and use the amulet Myranda gave to you to turn into a dragonling and be able to talk to Emberstrife.

You have to kill three dragons and you can do them in any order. Coords for the entry are: 57; Be sure to loot his skull. Somnus is in Swamp of Sorrows.

Best place to farm Silithid Chitin (Ally), WoW Classic

He is slightly harder than the others, but people can kill him without breaking a sweat. So go back to Desolace and travel the road between Stonetalon and Feralas to find him. Be sure to loot his blood off of his corpse. Then return to Rexxar and turn in the blood.Loot Loot Loot Loot. Loot Loot Loot Loot Loot. Highmaul Blackrock Foundry Hellfire Citadel.

Loot Loot Loot. Gri'lek summoned Hazza'rah summoned Renataki summoned Wushoolay summoned. This is a page listing loot to be found in Zul'Gurub. Besides the normal drops, there is some special loot in Zul'Gurub available.

There is one 5-piece set of armor for each class, and a list of unique enchants.

Onyxia - NPC

These set items and the enchants are obtained by completing quests. Most of the quests deal with collecting "Paragons of Power", and most also have a faction requirement for completion. The first seven bosses listed drop one of the nine ZG set tokens, which are listed below by faction requirement:. Turning in the Heart allows players to choose from the following rewards:. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. The subject of this article was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.

This includes items and quests that can no longer be obtained or are now deprecated. The in-game information in this article is kept purely for historical purposes. Categories : Removed in patch 4. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

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