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Thank you very much in advance. Released on July 27, GRAY -- Surrounded by seated family and friends, Judy Coker stood and faced the woman who bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer. They set aside other options of not guilty by reason of insanity and guilty but mentally ill.

The question is if she was insane or mentally ill at the time of the killing, he said. Hogue recounted the story of a circus elephant put on trial for murder a century ago because it had fatally flung a boy to the ground after becoming startled.

The townspeople convicted the elephant and killed it by hanging it by the neck from a crane. They just act He said it would be wrong for jurors to find Moss guilty if she was insane or mentally ill when she killed Coker. Anthony Levitas, a psychologist hired by the defense, testified Wednesday that he has diagnosed Moss as having dissociative identity disorder earlier this summer. Two psychologists had made the same diagnosis earlier and had made records of her having as many as five alternate personalities.

Then she saw blood. None noticed a change in voice or mannerisms when talking with Moss -- signals Levitas said he noticed when Caroline emerged. In Georgia, a crime must include one of several aggravating circumstances -- one being a prior murder conviction. GRAY -- Sitting in a room at the Jones County courthouse, an Atlanta psychologist came face to face with a woman who called herself Caroline and said she had feared for her life but fell short of saying she killed a Henry County businessman.

Moss, 55, is charged in the March 13,death of year-old Doug Coker. Closing arguments in the trial are scheduled to begin Thursday morning. Her lawyer has argued she should be found not guilty by reason of insanity. Levitas, the only witness for the defense, testified he diagnosed Moss with dissociative identity disorder this summer after a battery of tests.

One of the previous doctors examined Moss inthe same year her mother was fatally poisoned. Levitas said dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder, typically manifests in people who experience a childhood trauma that causes their mind to split as a coping mechanism.It had been a typical day for the parents of seven, three of which were foster children they had opened their home for.

He shot both Danny and Kim in the head while they slept. Their eldest daughter, year-old Jessica, was shot multiple times in the face at close range.

Her body was found in the main hall. Heidler then shot and killed 8-year-old Bryant in his bedroom. He kidnapped three of the girls, forcing them into his car before speeding away. At four am, miles away from home, the girls were seen walking down Crater Pond House Road. The oldest of the girls, ten, had been sexually assaulted. When the police arrived they told them where they lived. They also revealed that the man who forced them out of their home was someone they knew.

A boy who had dated their big sister. When police arrived they were greeted by the grizzly scene. Slowly they made their way through the house, looking for any signs of life. Any of the other children.

Mercifully they found the four-year-old boy, huddled in a closet with his month-old brother. The boy had woken up when the shooting started and took his baby brother to hide, saving both their lives.

Human Monsters: Jerry Heidler, The Santa Claus Killer

Jerry Heidler was a twisted, odd man. When he was arrested Jerry seemed detached, even after police explained the seriousness of the charges he was up against. He confessed, stated it was all like a dream. His confession and the subsequent details released about his life paint a chaotic figure. Earlier that day he had gone to a funeral for a stillborn baby he had fathered from a one night stand. When he found her, he just started shooting. As to why he kidnapped the girls, raped one and then let them go.

During the trial, a woman came forward and stated she had hired him to watch her three children. She said his help had been invaluable to her. On July 6,Jerry Heidler escaped from prison along with a few other inmates.Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it.

To keep creating new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help the Murderpedia project stay alive. We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Thank you very much in advance. Three months later, he was formally charged with the August 21,slaying of Virginia Maines, a year-old housewife in Gaston, North Carolina. According to authorities, the drifter's seven other victims were dispatched in separate incidents in June and Decemberand in January William "Junior" Pierce was convicted of raping and murdering Margaret "Peg" Cuttino13, the daughter of a South Carolina state senator.

Cuttino was reported missing on December 18 and her body was found on December Pierce, who had an IQ that "barely broke 70" and who was a known serial confessor, confessed to this murder apparently after being tortured by Sheriff "Red" Carter. A document supports Pierce's contention that his confession was coerced by physical abuse consisting of burns, bruises, and cuts to his "privates. In order to convict Pierce the prosecution theorized that Cuttino was murdered on December 18, but when her body was found, the sperm evidence was not much degraded and this evidence implied that she was not killed before December Public disagreement with the verdict arose starting with an uncalled witness who allegedly saw Cuttino on the afternoon of December The county coroner joined the opposition.

Because of new evidence that arose following the conviction, it is highly likely that Pierce would be acquitted if he could get a retrial, but getting a retrial because of new evidence is very difficult under South Carolina law. New technology raised the possibility of DNA testing, but the authorities contend Hurricane Hugo destroyed the biological evidence in Pierce is not a glamorous defendant, having been convicted, after confessing, to three murders in Georgia, perhaps because of techniques similar to those used by Sheriff Carter.

Public opposition to the verdict seems surprising since an acquittal would do little to free Pierce, but physical evidence that Cuttino was killed much later than December 18 seems compelling and such a finding would exonerate Pierce. Body was found in a wooded area in Sumpter, South Carolina 12 days after she went missing on December 18, She had been strangled and beaten.

James L. William "Junior" Pierce. In May of the Georgia Pardons and Parole Board released Junior Pierce from prison after he had served only seven years on a year sentence for a variety of charges, including burglary, arson, receiving stolen property and attempted prison break.

murderpedia georgia

He was released despite the report from the prison psychologist that said Pierce's "test scores reveal the possibility of sociopathic disorders.

This individual may be dangerous to himself or others. On March 8,Pierce was arrested in Louisville, Georgia for failing to pay for some gasoline. Shortly afterward, Appling County Sheriff, J. Carter charged Pierce with the murder of Mrs. Vivian Miles, sixty years of age, who had been robbed and shot in her country store about eight miles south of Baxley on Jan. Eventually after being interviewed by authorities from North and South Carolina, they charged Pierce with nine murders, four in Georgia and South Carolina and one in North Carolina.

Pierce was repeatedly convicted of murder and given life sentences. One of Pierce's victims was a thirty-two year old Jeff Davis County store operator who had been abducted Jan 22, Pierce led police to the woman's skeletal remains two months later. The woman had been tied to a tree in the woods not far from Hazelhurst and hanged with a piece of short, stout cord.Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it.

To keep creating new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help the Murderpedia project stay alive. We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this.

murderpedia georgia

Thank you very much in advance. Price, 32, a quadriplegic, with a lethal dose of lidocaine. Investigators suspected Akin in over one hundred deaths in the area over the past decade in twenty different facilities where he worked.

However, many of those facilities had thwarted investigations. Akin had long been suspected of causing many Code Blue medical emergencies, both in Alabama and in hospitals around the metro Atlanta area. The number of such emergencies at one hospital in Georgia was unusually high when Akin was working there, and colleagues noticed that at least four types of heart drugs had been stolen. In the incident in which Akin was arrested, the amount of lidocaine found in Price's body was twice the lethal dose and four times the therapeutic dose.

While defense experts attempted to explain it as something other than murder, prosecution experts had a ready counter-explanation. At Akin's trial, Marion Albright, Price's assigned nurse, testified that when she came back from a lunch break she saw Akin walking out of Price's room.

She attempted to enter it to check on her patient but he had tried to prevent her from doing so. Akin's defense lawyer stipulated that the initial cardiac arrest was caused by a blocked ventilation tube, and that the amount of lidocaine found in his body was given to Price when the emergency team was trying to save his life. The defense also pointed out inconsistencies in nurses' testimony and in hospital records, as well as the fact that the hospital had originally billed the Price family for the lidocaine, indicating that it had been ordered for him and if not, they had billed falsely.

In the end, after just over an hour of deliberation and only two votes, the jury decided that the circumstances warranted a conviction. When the verdict was read, Akin put his hand to his face. One juror, when interviewed for the Atlanta Journal and Constitutionsaid, "Too many people all placed him at the scene of the crime, and nothing he said to explain it made sense.

On appeal, Akin's conviction was overturned, yet when he was tried again, the jury was unable to reach a verdict. Another retrial was scheduled for Marchbut two months before it was to begin, Akin pled guilty to manslaughter. He received a sentence of fifteen years. Nurse charged in patient's death to face third trial. This articles is from Topside Loaf an online newspaper located in the Birmingham, Alabama area.Juan Ignacio Blanco.

New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. Rhode Island. South Carolina. South Dakota. Washington, DC. West Virginia. Marcus A.

murderpedia georgia

June 17, Lethal Injection. Andrew Allen Cook. February 21, Troy Anthony Davis. September 21, Andrew Grant DeYoung. July 21, Roy Willard Blankenship. June 23, Emmanuel Fitzgerald Hammond. January 25, Select from over 35 designs. Hi there, you can call me Julie. Offer Incentives "Don't be afraid to offer some sort of minor incentive for submission," suggests Michael Korolishin, an intern with Media Wizardz.

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The True Story of William “Junior” Pierce From ‘Mindhunter’

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8 Serial Killers in Indiana

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