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Cropped ears on your dog can look great. But you want to make sure the procedure is done properly and safely, to ensure you get the results you want—while keeping your dog as safe and comfortable as possible.

The first question you have to ask yourself when considering this procedure is, when should you have it done? Most vets recommend having it done between 7 and 12 weeks of age. The typical cut off weight ranges from 15 — 20 pounds.

The next thing you need to do is choose an ear crop style. Short crops and show crops have the greatest chance of standing erect. This procedure is going to determine how your dog looks for the rest of their life, so make sure to do your homework and find a good vet. This price should include everything, including the procedure itself, the follow-up visit, and any medications pain medicine and potentially antibiotics.

Show them to the vet and ask if they are willing and able to crop ears in that style. Some vets will only crop ears one way, so make sure they can provide what you want. The next step is to take your dog in for a visit so the vet can make sure that your puppy is able to handle the anesthesia.

Some vets will do a blood test at this point. The vet will also give you any instructions on what to do the night before the surgery. Your vet may keep your dog overnight, or you might be able to take them home the same day. They should also provide you with pain medication, so make sure to ask for some if they forget.

Your dog will definitely be out-of-sorts for a night or two. The anesthetic will make them drowsy, and their ears may be sore. The cone is there to prevent your pup from ripping their stitches, which is very important to the proper healing process. This is important in preventing infections that could require an emergency trip to the vet. Use peroxide and Neosporin at least 2 or 3 times a day. When you were a kid, your mother may have told you not to pick at scabs.

This is important because the scabs could interfere with the ears properly standing up.Doberman Puppies are available for sale in India. Find well behaved and socialized Doberman puppy price in India.

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Doberman pinscher is mainly considered to be a guardian dog. The exact ancestry of this breed is not known, but he is believed to be a blend of the following breeds- German shepherd, Rottweiler, tan and black Terrier, and German Pinscher. With his athletic build, characteristic docked tail and cropped ears, sleek coat, the Doberman has a look of an aristocrat. He is a highly intelligent and energetic dog, meant for military and police work, canine sports as we as loving family companion and guardian.

The Doberman Pinscher is built compactly, powerful, muscular and square- proportioned. It combines strength and elegance with endurance and speed. It is very alert and proud animal and its pace is vigorous and free.

They have a short, firm, hard and smooth coat, displaying the fine clean lines of their athletic breed. The Doberman or the Dobie is a very intelligent dog capable of acting as a guardian, always on alert and ever ready to protect its home and family. They are the most adventurous and loyal companions. They love to be challenged mentally and are gifted to be the most obedient pupil dogs. They act as an exceptional guardian for the families and should be the first choice for people who prefer guardian dogs.

They are mostly reserved with the strangers and have a tendency to become aggressive with them. Before adopting your Doberman puppy, you have to decide that from where your will purchase your new companion. In addition to this, make sure your home is prepared for the arrival of your new companion, do not forget to find a suitable vet, and choose a healthy, hardy Doberman puppy. In the late nineteenth century, Doberman pinscher originated in Germany in the year s, apparently by crossing the ancient short haired shepherds- German Pinschers, Greyhounds, Manchester Terriers, Beaucerons, and Rottweilers.

Louis Dobermann, a German tax collector, is the creator of this mixture breed. He used to travel often through the bandit infested areas, so he decided to originate a bodyguard and watchdog that will be capable of handling any type of situation that may arise.

InDoberman was shown at a dog show which immediately turned out to be a great success. The breed was first recognized in by the AKC. Presently, this breed is frequently used in tracking, military work, therapy work, Scutzhund, competitive obedience, search and rescue, guarding, and watchdog. The Doberman is a squarely built, medium sized dog with a solid, muscular body.

His skull is flat, and head is long. The nose color of Doberman depends on the color of his coat; if black dog then black nose, red dog then dark brown nose, blue dog then dark gray nose, fawn dog then dark tan nose and white dog then pink nose.

The almond shaped eyes usually get the various shades of brown, but the shades largely depend on the color of the dog coat. Broad chest, cropped ears, docked tails, straight legs, flat hard coat are the major characteristics of Doberman.

The flat coat might be black, blue- gray, black with tan markings, white, fawn and red. The markings appear above the eye, on the fore chest, muzzle, legs, tail, feet and throat. A super-active and super-intelligent dog — these are the qualities displayed by a Doberman Pinscher.February 20, posted by Editor.

By Karen A. Dogs come inherently outfitted with the ears they need for their specific breed. Floppy ears keep out insects, water and dirt. The cropping of ears was not so the dog could hear more acutely.

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Ear cropping was done to make the dog look more intimidating. What looks more threatening, a Doberman with floppy ears or a Doberman with sharp, upright ears? In the real world, sometimes a puppy or dog suffers an injury to their ears, which may require cosmetic surgery to prevent infection or close an open severe tear or wound.

For that, the procedure is understandable. They have banned it, and the procedure is deemed illegal, with considerable fines. They also disqualify any dog who has undergone otoplasty from authorized competitions. Ear cropping, also known as cosmetic otoplasty, is purely for a perceived image. The practice is cruel, mutilating and painful. In the United States, currently, nine states regulate ear cropping of dogs.

Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania prohibit ear cropping except by a licensed veterinarian while the dog is under an anesthetic. Maine prohibits mutilating an animal by irreparably damaging body parts but makes an exception for conduct performed by a licensed veterinarian.

Massachusetts prohibits ear cropping except when executed by a licensed veterinarian, and Washington prohibits ear cropping except when it is considered a customary husbandry practice.

In Canada, several provinces including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba, have also made the practice illegal, with others expected to follow suit. If you honestly believe the procedure is painless, stop and think of the last time YOU had any surgery you had control over.

What was the one thing you feared most? What was the first thing you demanded when it was over? And why? Remember, this is not a life or death necessary procedure.

Now, imagine being a puppy, between the ages of 7 to 14 weeks old. Hopefully, you have received a complete physical examination, including clotting time test. You are then given a tranquilizer and put under general anesthesia, which in itself is risky for a dog of any age, particularly a puppy. The first risk is the stress of being put under anesthesia, which can suppress your immune system, placing you at risk for infection. Your ears are then cleaned and disinfected.

Next someone, most often but not always, a veterinarian, starts cutting away, starting at the base of your ear, working his or her way to the tip. Then, when they are done cutting off one, they do the other. Now you have two open wounds, which have to be stitched, stapled, or surgically adhered, from the bottom up.

doberman ear cropping cost in india

How are you feeling? Having fun yet? After the ear cropping surgery, you have to wait until the wounds heal, approximately days. The next event you have to look forward to is having the stitches or staples removed. By now, you are probably on antibiotics.I'm getting our baby Chloe's ears cropped next Tuesday June 5th. At that point, she will be exactly 10 weeks 6 days old.

How Much to get a Doberman Pinscher’s Ears Cropped?

I'm little concerned now because I've noticed that most people get there puppies ears done at weeks old. The read some articles and I was under the impression to have the ears done between weeks of age. Is this inaccurate information?? Any advice is appreciated! My protocol is first vax at 8 weeks, and I like to have vax into them for a week before they go for cropping so they normally go for cropping at 9 weeks.

Sutures out a week later, a bit of healing time and then off they go to their new homes around 11 weeks. Thanks for your input. You must be one proud Dad!! See, the Vet told me that he will NOT crop her ears unless she has her 2nd set of vaccinations. Maybe that's because she will have to stay at the animal hospital over night?? He said I will drop her off early Tuesday morning, then I can pick her back up Wednesday morning, and he told me to bring her vaccination papers showing that she has had 2 sets of shots.

Her 2nd set of Vaccines are scheduled for Saturday 10wks 2dys oldthen ears cropped on Tuesday 10wks 6dys old. Glengate, I can see your point about the vaccine before ear crop. One of our litters I took to Canada to have cropped and when I came to pick them up they had them running around the office. That was back before they changed the vaccine protocol and the series were started much earlier thank goodness for them I guess. Now I start them at 8 weeks also. Where are you located?

There is no reason Chloe should have to stay overnight for an ear crop, and they're making you overvaccinate her early to boot. I would really have reservations about going to this vet for cropping.

Glengate, I'm actually very comfortable going to this particular vet. I live in South Florida Fort Lauderdale. People drive from the West Coast of Florida just to see this Vet for ear cropping.

Why they keep her overnight I'm not sure. I guess it's just his proticol I assume? Because she is staying overnight at a "animal hospital" is probably why he requires that she have her 2nd set of vaccines.I am not against ear cropping and tail docking. I am sorry.

There are no health benefits to either. You do NOT want to gamble with the ears, if the vet does a bad job, you just ruined your dog. Also, make sure you get from a good breeder because there are many deadly genetic diseases Dobermans carry.

I purchased by Dobie from a breeder who already had the ears done, and had several grown litters who were cut by the same vet so I could see the outcome. You should have the Dobie cropped no later than 12 weeks old.

They are usually healed within a week or two of being cropped. I posted her ears once they were strong enough to stand up without a piece of tape between the ears to hold them up. If the breeder you found does not crop before placing the puppies then look elsewhere for a breeder. Here in New England, it is up to the owners to decide whether or not ears are cropped yet the breeder will recommend experienced qualified vets and help the new owner with the care if needed.

Neither is a wrong choice. Show crops take the longest to stand. There is also the pet crop which is medium in length and also a military crop which is the shortest Read all the answers in the comments.

What do you think? Not always true! What you like and you breeder likes can be two different things. You may decide that you dont want to crop due to the after care now you have a dog that you have to post the ears. The crop should be up to you then also your dog wont be yours for awhile and it has bonded to someone else.

I prefer to get my own dogs ears cropped. Talk to a vet they will give you exact costs.Contact update- Smart.

How Much Does a Doberman Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

Ear cropping is done on a select group of dogs for cosmetic purposes only. Usually recommended to be done around the age of weeks old, the procedure requires full anesthesia. The ears are then cut in a way that instead of flopping down to the side of the head, they stand erect on the head to a point. In most breeds however, the ears require a period of bandaging and support splinting in order to get them to stand.

This is essential for the ears to ultimately stand, and if not done sufficiently, the ears may not stand erect. The longer the ear length is, the more time required for splinting is necessary.

doberman ear cropping cost in india

Although breeders can perform this procedure, it is best left to a licensed veterinarian, who has appropriate anesthetics. Puppies who undergo this procedure expect at least a few weeks of painful, sensitive ears. Unfortunately, the splinting of the ears is necessary especially during the early stages of healing, which adds to their discomfort.

How much does Doberman ear cropping cost ?

Be sure and understand all that is involved not only with the surgery, but afterwards during the splinting procedures. This procedure is typically done on puppies between 3 and 5 days of age. No anesthetic is involved, and the tails are docked to an appropriate length for the breed. Some of the breeds normally docked include the Rottweiler, Doberman pincer, Boxer, Schnauzer, Miniature pincer, Toy Fox Terrier amongst other terrier breedsCorgi, Poodle, and Sckipperke to name a few.

This procedure is much preferred done while the puppies are less than a week of age. Afterwards, the puppy has to wait until it is of age appropriate for anesthesia, which is much more involving a procedure, with a much longer healing process.

There is also associated pain with the procedure when done on an older animal, and complications include bleeding, premature stitch removal by the dog, poor healing of the area, and more chances for scarring to occur. Unless the dog is being utilized for show purposes in the conformation ring, tail docking is best left undone if beyond the age of days. Welfare Implications of Dogs: Ear Cropping.

doberman ear cropping cost in india

December 17, THE ISSUE Some breeds of dogs in the United States customarily have their ears reduced with a blade or scissors to modify their shape and, in some cases, allow a naturally drooping ear to stand upright. Cropping is performed when dogs are between 6 and 12 weeks old depending on breed and body condition. In larger breeds, after surgery the ears are positioned with tape, bandages or other devices to encourage an upright position.

However case studies support certain risks associated with the procedure. Postoperative Care—Dogs will experience some discomfort during healing, stretching, re-taping and bandaging, and other manipulations after surgery.

Some will need their ears bandaged or taped upright for days to months and they may be isolated from other dogs during this period. Potential Complications—As for any incision, cropped ears may become infected. Cropped ears may also fail to stand or have a distorted shape or position potentially leading to subsequent operations. Human Benefits — Ear cropping produces an alert expression in dogs used for security or guard work and may contribute to the distinctive appearance of a pedigree breed.

Individual veterinarians differ in their perspectives e. Cropping has been deemed unacceptable in the United Kingdom for more than a century10 and is currently prohibited in Australasia and most European and Scandinavian countries. Page 2 of 2 Ear cropping is a cosmetic procedure with potential negative outcomes for the animal.

See my avatar? Thats how it should look like for a perfect stand. Both alert and resting the cropped ear has to be erect like a no. For earcroping to be successful depends on teamwork of 2 individuals each having percentage of participation range :.

Patience,dedication and passion is needed here and are traits necessary to be found to the owner of the dog. The right taping [i]ave. Taping the cropped ears using leukoplast alone is easier and comfortable to the pit as shown in this picture. Ears almost in a perfect stnd of 90 deg…more taping….Discussion in ' Doberman Puppies ' started by hrd2gtApr 10, Log in or Sign up. Doberman Chat Forum. Dismiss Notice Hello Guest! We are glad you found us, if you find anything useful here please consider registering to see more content and get involved with our great community members, it takes less than a minute!

Featured Crop Pics - Lets see your style! The best advice I ever got regarding getting my dogs ears cropped was from the vet tech So I did that, a collection of what I liked as well as what i didnt want!!!

So what better place to have examples for ears than our own people?? If you have any nice shots of crops, post em here, a lot of people have different tastes and are drawn to different things.

And it would be awesome to have the resource in our our place to see different things. I also asked for a lil more bell since she was 12 weeks, i was worried about them not standing easy, one ear came out better that the other, but they are pretty nice over all This is the ear with the fwip.

This is when she is about one Last edited by a moderator: Jan 2, Like x 15 Empathetic x 1 Appreciation x 1. Cool thread! I needed it a couple of weeks ago. Man, I don't have any great ear crop pics of my own. Maybe I can add to this later once I actually see what Emmies look like.

I have no clue who cropped him, but I hope they don't do many more!! These are the pictures I took to the vet when I had Emmie's ears done. I asked for medium, with the fancy tip. I love that little "fwip" at the end. DobesMomApr 10, Like x 8 Wow x 1 Appreciation x 1.

This is a good site for ear photos Patricia Edwards does fantastic ear cropping, and these pictures are nice and clear for a vet to get an idea of what you are looking for if you see a crop you like. Link Removed: The site for rivercliffvet.

doberman ear cropping cost in india

PanamaApr 10, Like x 5. Are you talking about the photo on my post? If so, I believe I have the full sized image on my PC. She has perfect ears!! DobesMomApr 11,

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